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EI Tech Systems is a client-focused organization that excels in providing technology talent to clients using innovative and cost-efficient strategies. We specialize in delivering the best technology resources on-site, nearshore, and offshore. Our objective is to enhance client revenues while minimizing operational costs. Our expertise lies in application development, infrastructure, cloud modernization, reporting, and testing services. We offer top-notch technical talent to leading global organizations. With our extensive worldwide talent pool, we can tailor staffing solutions to meet individual project requirements. We provide resources that operate in the same time zone at one-third of the cost.

EI Tech Systems assists companies in addressing their talent gap through innovative methods. We offer qualified experts on demand, whether on-site, nearshore, or offshore. Our expertise lies in helping clients modernize their businesses through digital transformation.

Services we’re offering


Cloud Solutions

Accelerating Cloud Adoption from Assessment to Development and Support.Empower your team with cloud adoption and provide cutting-edge cloud capabilities today in SaaS, PaaS....


DevOps Automation

DevOps cycles which include planning, coding, integrating, testing, releasing, deploying and operating projects in either AWS or Azure stack is different and you need...


Software development

Custom software development is an area Sriven Corp excels at. Based on our extensive experience, we have honed the software development lifecycle to an art....


Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) services help enable structured data-driven decision-making across the company. An experienced provider of BI solutions, ScienceSoft integrates...


Support and Maintenance

Believes that the only way to improve efficiency and reduce issues is through regular support. Once the development process is over, we begin the software maintenance process....


Data Analytics

Data, insights and foresight at hand can have a significant impact on the various aspects of a business. We provide extensive assistance in data crunching, pipelines...


Contingent Staffing

Our Contingent staffing service will allow your company to bring on temporary or project-based employees as needed, rather than committing to hiring full-time employees.


Near Shore Staffing

Remain competitive in today's global market with our Nearshore staffing services. We assist companies in addressing their technology talent gap by offering qualified Nearshore experts on demand.


Managed IT Services

Custom software development is an area EI Tech Systems excels at. Based on our extensive experience, we have honed the software development lifecycle to an art....

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Why Choose Us

Proven Solutions for Your Success

EI Tech Systems is an IT consulting and software development company where our team of experts provide industry leading solutions to the client’s objectives to fulfil their purpose.

Clients review


"If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them."

"The reason we chose you from hundreds of other candidates is because we already have had great success with SynergisticIT candidates and they are doing great work on our projects"

Ralph Steven


The best part of working with EI Tech Systems is the feeling that they are part of our company trying to help me to fill in vacant positions. Their open mind approach and positive attitude has no match. Their willingness to answer every phone call and reply to emails in a timely manner is truly appreciated.

Danny Edwards