Near Shore Staffing

Near Shore IT Staffing and Software Solutions:

Remain competitive in today's global market with our Nearshore staffing services. We assist companies in addressing their technology talent gap by offering qualified Nearshore experts on demand. We conduct thorough screenings of candidates based on your specific requirements to ensure the right fit, every time. We surpass the job description to locate and deploy the most skilled technical contractors, contract-to-hire and direct hire resources. Our clients appreciate receiving higher quality candidates in less time compared to others in the industry.

There are several benefits of hiring nearshore technology professionals. Here are some advantages that nearshore software development offers compared to the traditional offshore model.

Recession proof:

In light of an impending recession, companies have universally reduced their technology budgets and IT spending. As a result, numerous critical applications have been postponed due to financial constraints. At EI Tech Systems, we provide top-notch technical resources at a cost that is less than half of what on-site resources typically incur. This allows your organization to sustain progress and retain its competitive edge even during challenging times.

Time Advantage:

Our partners have a distinct advantage by being aligned with their nearshore resources in terms of time zones. The working hours of our nearshore resources overlap, enabling improved communication and collaboration. This seamless collaboration during daytime hours is made possible due to the time zone alignment.

Huge cost savings:

Hiring nearshore technology talent offers businesses two significant cost-saving benefits. Firstly, the rates of nearshore developers are considerably lower compared to hiring remote workers in the United States. Secondly, nearshore hiring provides access to affordable IT talent with comparable skills and experience to American technology professionals.

Apart from the hourly rates, nearshore technology resources do not incur any overhead costs or require benefits or other liabilities. This significantly reduces the HR overhead costs associated with the hiring process, benefits, training, and other expenses related to full-time resources.

Faster response:

Working with a nearshore technology team supercharges your processes, resulting in time and cost savings. Engaging with a nearshore development team provides the high velocity that any company requires for a real opportunity to thrive.

Ability to be truly Agile:

In the Agile framework, effective collaboration and maintaining a flexible project scope and plans are crucial. Nearshore staffing can greatly assist product owners, managers, and technology teams in communicating, resolving issues, and staying in sync promptly, as opposed to waiting for a 24-hour cycle, which is often experienced in offshore models. With nearshore staffing, all Agile ceremonies can be conducted during daytime hours, allowing for improved quality of life without compromising on the project's quality.

Onsite but remote:

p>In the Nearshore staffing model, the resources you hire work remotely for your company but are physically present at our office premises. The quality of the work deliverables produced by these resources is actively managed by our on-site leads, ensuring that the best possible product is delivered to our clients. Our team leads actively participate in periodic quality checks with clients to ensure that our resources consistently exceed expectations and deliver more than what is promised.

Trouble shoot/Support in real time:

Maintaining real-time synchronization across teams becomes significantly challenging when using an offshore support team located on the opposite side of the planet.

However, with a nearshore team, the situation improves as they can align their working hours with your local staff in the same or similar time zone. This synchronization allows support teams and the business to address and resolve production issues without enduring a 24-hour turnaround time, thus enhancing the quality and speed of issue resolution.

In the nearshore model, in most cases, production support tickets can be raised, assigned to the support staff, resolved, and verified by the business within the same time zone. This eliminates the delays caused by time zone differences and facilitates prompt collaboration and resolution.

As a result, many Fortune 500 companies are opting for nearshore staff to meet their production support requirements. These companies leverage nearshore technology partners to access top-quality results from nearshore software support teams situated in countries with either no time difference or minimal time differences. This proximity ensures effective communication, swift issue resolution, and high-quality support services.

Immediate access to technical talent pool:

Nearshore technical resources possess equivalent business and technical expertise as local resources. Collaborating with a Nearshore IT service provider grants you access to highly skilled technical professionals promptly. These resources are well-versed in the latest software development methodologies and tools, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into your business and make an immediate impact.

By partnering with a Nearshore IT service provider, you can expect to acquire top-notch technical professionals who possess the necessary knowledge and experience to contribute effectively to your projects. They are adept at understanding your business requirements, utilizing the latest technologies, and delivering high-quality results.

The advantage of nearshore resourcing lies in the ability to rapidly scale your team with qualified professionals who are well-aligned with your business goals. This not only saves time on recruitment and onboarding but also ensures that you have access to a talent pool that can hit the ground running and contribute to the success of your projects from the start.

Regain your quality of life – Work life Balance – Employee Satisfaction:

In today's work environment, a healthy work-life balance holds significant value for employees, on par with salary and role considerations. With the nearshore work model, individuals such as Product Owners, Product Managers, Tech Leads, and Business Partners no longer need to compromise their working hours. Onsite teams are not required to wake up early or work late nights to synchronize with offshore technology teams. By utilizing the nearshore model, employees can regain precious family time while still reaping the cost benefits typically associated with offshore models for the organization. This approach ensures an uncompromised quality of life, fostering employee happiness and greatly increasing employee loyalty. A harmonious work-life balance is a key factor in promoting job satisfaction and fostering a positive work culture within the organization.

Improved Health:

Nearshore development will offset the following health challenges encountered with offshore development. Here are some potential effects:

a) Disrupted Sleep Patterns: Offshore development often involves working during non-traditional hours, which can disrupt the natural sleep patterns of individuals. They may have to sleep during the day and work at night, leading to irregular sleep schedules and difficulties in obtaining sufficient restful sleep.

b) Shift Work Sleep Disorder: Constantly adjusting sleep schedules to accommodate offshore work can result in a condition known as shift work sleep disorder. This disorder can cause excessive sleepiness, difficulty concentrating, decreased performance, and other sleep-related issues.

c) Increased Risk of Fatigue: Working during non-standard hours and dealing with time zone differences can increase the risk of fatigue among offshore workers. Fatigue can impair cognitive functioning, decision-making abilities, and overall productivity, and may also impact physical health.

d) Long-term Cardiac Stress and Disorders: Altered circadian rhythms, particularly when coupled with chronic sleep disturbances, can potentially contribute to long-term cardiac stress and increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders.

Increased customer satisfaction:

When nearshore technology teams work during the same or similar hours as your onsite resources, the collaboration, troubleshooting, resolution, and fixing processes are significantly expedited. Instead of waiting for a 24-hour fix cycle, customer issues can be addressed and resolved in same or similar time zone. This enhanced efficiency in issue resolution leads to improved customer satisfaction and higher customer retention rates.

At EI Tech Systems, we developed a comprehensive interviewing and recruiting process to ensure that we find the top talent. Our evaluation criteria encompass not only skills, talent, English communication proficiency, and knowledge, but also a deep search for individuals who are passionate about technology. By prioritizing a passion for technology, we aim to assemble a team of dedicated professionals who bring enthusiasm and commitment to their work, ultimately delivering high-quality results to our clients.